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 "Walk in the nature to discover the unexplored, the unknown, the nature within ...Feel the magical touch that rekindles the fire, soothes the nerves and enlivens the human spirit..."

A Program specially designed to nurture and build up hidden skiils present in Each child for we all believe that each child has certain potentials that are unique. We try and build up the fine sensory and motor skills of our educational curriculum in mother nature's lap in the form of activites like Trekking, Rock climbing, Rapelling, Rafting, Mountain Biking, Camping Etc.

These skills help children grow and inculcate values such as,

**  Ability to cooperate
** Right Carrer choice
** Self awareness
** Clarity in concepts
** Confidence
** Character building
** Communication Skills
** Learning about local culture

Most importantly they will get in touch with thier inner selves through tested techniques of Yoga. So there you have it - the perfect opportunity to be responsible citizens of tomorrow.

Campus Facilites
** Seperate accomodation for Boys and Girls
** Hyginic and nutritous food
** Trained & Experienced staff
** Round the clock guard
** Filtered drinking water
** Dedicated medical room

Security in Blooming Buds
The SAFETY of your children is our first and foremost concern.While we ensure that children have good time,
you may rest assure that your child will be safe all the time.
ON - SITE SAFETY at the campus is fully taken care of. The place is fully secured with 24 X 7 help desk and
night watchman.
The ACTIVITIES are only run in suitable weather condition. All activities are conducted under supervision of our qualified instructors.
MEDICAL FACILITIES are always at hand . WE are fully aware of the enormous responsibility we undertake and are completely
focussed on the well bieng of your children. Having said that, in case of any illenss, we are only minutes away from
professional medical help. There are resident doctors on camp with FIRST AID facilities and commonly used medicines
The local POLICE are informed about the program in advance.

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Forest Learning Program
Duration: 8 Days